MPN Young Church

Young people in the church

Young church is what we call the work we do with our young people in the church. We have something for all ages.


Who can become a member of the young Church?


Aged 2 and a half and up including anyone in Secondary School. (Your parents don’t need to be members of the Church but why not bring them along – they will enjoy the Service in the Church).

Our Aim is to be friendly to children – to learn more about the Bible in a happy and fun way with our friends.


What do we do each morning?

Meet in the Church Halls, in age groups at 10.45 am. We go into the Church for a short while and spend some time together with the adults.  We go back into the Church Halls, for singing, stories, and craft work etc.  We are met by an adult at the end of the service and go for a drink of juice and a biscuit in the Large Hall (Adults can have tea or coffee). Our mornings are about having fun and learning about God!