MPN Creators Club

Young people in the church


From September, 2017 we are going to change the way we organise our time on Sunday mornings with the young people who come to church, but it's not just for those who already come – everyone is welcome. We want to make this time more interactive and fun, while still learning lessons that will help equip the young people for the future. We have traditionally had a time of stories, crafts and a few songs, however, the leaders have responded to comments from the young people to try a new format.

We have decided to start a new group called, Creators Club. There will be an opportunity for the young people to think about how to turn a bible story into a film and this will include making story boards, models, scripts, filming, animation etc. We hope that this will allow young people of all ages to join in and learn together. We expect that the films they produce will be shown in church and online.


Who can become a member of Creators Club?

Anyone aged 5 and over including anyone in Secondary School. (Your parents don’t need to be members of the Church but why not bring them along – they will enjoy the Service in the Church).

We have a creche for babies and activities for toddlers as well as Creators Club.


What do we do each morning?

Meet in the Church Halls at 10.45 am. We go into the Church for a short while and spend some time together with the adults.  We then go back into the Church Halls and work on making our films.  There are ipads to film with and resources to make scenery and costumes etc. 

You should be met by an adult at the end of the service and go for a drink of juice and a biscuit in the Large Hall (Adults can have tea or coffee). Our mornings are about having fun and learning a little about God!

See what we do here.

Adult Volunteers

All of our adult volunteers go through a screening process and are PVG checked to ensure that all our children are safe. IF you are interested in volunteering please contact the church office on 01292678810 or email