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About MPN Girls Brigade

The Girls' Brigade company is now finished for the summer. Next session will begin on Monday 28th August 2017 with an information and registration evening, with first proper meeting on Monday 4th September. All girls are welcome.



The Girls Brigade in Scotland is part of a worldwide organization for girls and young woman which has been in existence for 120 years.   The Girls Brigade operates in over 50 countries throughout the world. The needs of the girls are paramount in all that we aim to do with and for our members. We are committed to offering our girls a safe, secure environment, where they are supervised by adult leaders who have undertaken an enhanced disclosure check by the church. 

Last year our outside activities included a fun day out and picnic at Dean Castle Country Park, a Company sleepover at St Meddans Church in Troon, an overnight at Sea Life Centre Loch Lomond, and outings to the ten pin bowling, and to Ayr Fire Station.  

The main emphasis is on FUN and ENJOYMENT as the girls learn to work and play together in their squads. Each girl is encouraged to undertake a wide variety of age-appropriate activities with a view to enhancing their personal and social development at their own pace.

We meet every Monday at the North Church Hall at 6.30pm and we look forward to welcoming any new girls so that they may too enjoy the Girls Brigade Experience.


Explorers Section —-  P 1 to P3     Meets at 6.30pm to 7.45pm

We warmly  welcome  all our girls  who started back  with us in September. The topic the girls are exploring is ‘Loving and Caring’. A wide variety of games, crafts, baking, painting, songs are all enjoyed in this section. This year it was the Explorers turn to choose a local charity that the Company will support and fund raise for. They have chosen Guide Dogs for the Blind and I have arranged a visit from a local Trainer and her Guide Dog Puppy which they are all looking forward to.

Juniors Section —— P 4 to P 7     Meets at 6.30pm to 8.15pm 

The Juniors explore 4 different activities in their badge work which this year will be – Educational (All about Bees), Service (Friendship),  Physical (Traditional Games) Spiritual ( Global Explorers). On Monday 21st November there is a jewellery workshop booked for the Juniors and Brigaders where they will be receiving instruction from Jacqui Fraser on  the making of  items of jewellery. The Juniors participated in a highly successful Coffee morning on Saturday 24th September when the sum of £453 was raised toward our Annual Capitation fees


Brigaders  S 1 to S6      Meets at 6.30pm to 8.15pm 

Our hardworking Brigader Section help out with our younger Explorers as part of their Service Work but their actual Service topic this year is ‘Christian Aid’.  Their Physical topic this year is Netball and their Spiritual topic is ‘The Good and the Bad’. In September the girls enjoyed a First Aid Lesson by a qualified instructor as part of their work and they have also made a fantastic tote bag and colourful ceramic pot as part of their Education topic ‘Get Crafty’.  On our enrolment evening the Brigaders task was selecting the toppings to be added to the pizzas and these were greatly enjoyed by the whole Company. 

A Fairtrade Tuck Shop has been discussed with the Brigaders and with the help of our Fairtrade Representative, Margaret Goodlad, we intend to purchase a small amount of stock of Fairtrade chocolate which can then be purchased by the girls. However small our contribution may be ,  we wish to assist food growers in the cocoa producing countries by doing something to help. 

We are also supporting our local representative Tracy Bayne with the following



In Girls Brigade Scotland we value our Leaders, who are all volunteers and who gladly give up their time to be with us. Volunteering with Girls brigade is a fantastic experience and if you would like to come along any night we would love to welcome you to our organization. 

Uniforms can now be purchased directly from Girls Brigade Scotland , either by phone (0141 552 1765) or via the website. https://www.girls-brigade-scotland.org.uk/

For more information please contact 1stmonktonandprestwickgb@gmail.com






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