Covid-19 update for churches

Covid-19 update for churches

Church buildings remain closed for any purpose other than live streaming worship services – and strict guidance re social distancing must be adhered to. The Scottish Government had provided an exclusion for funeral services. However, the Church of Scotland has taken the view that this presents a risk to volunteers who may be involved in preparing or opening the premises, as well as those attending. Therefore, the decision has been taken that our buildings will not open.

The following guidance has been issued regarding attendance at funerals:

In the ongoing delivery of services to the bereaved Burial and Cremation Authorities adopt a risk-based approach taking into account government advice, vulnerable groups and the importance of protecting the key workers outlined in recent government advice.

In considering reducing the transmission of the coronavirus through gatherings at funeral services in chapels they must consider limiting attendees to the immediate family:page1image36903488page1image36902912

Spouse/Partner Parents/carers


Children (and partners)


We will provide further updates as we get them.

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