Online Worship Survey

Online Worship Survey

At the last meeting of the Kirk Session on 9th July it was decided not to open the Church building for worship yet, but a group would be formed to work through the risk assessments, new procedures and building adjustments necessary before we would be able to open. This group has met 3 times and will be presenting a report on this to Session when they next meet on 10th September.

The last piece of information that we now require is how you feel about the current online worship and how you would like to see worship going forward. As I am sure you are aware, if we reopen the building, capacity will be severely restricted in order to comply with the current 2 metre distancing rule. We want to make sure that whatever form worship will take moving forward it will be accesible to as many people as possible.

So to gather in this information we have created an online survey form. It is 12 questions, most of which are tick boxes so it will not take long to complete and it does not ask for names or any personal details. Clicking this link will take you to the form:

Please take the time to complete this survey, ideally before the Session next meets on 10th September, as the more information we have about how you are currently accessing worship, if at all, and how you would like to see worship going forward, the better our planning will be. This is your chance to let Session know how you think the online worship is working and if you would attend live worship when the building reopens.

We are aware that many of our congregation are not online and would have difficulty accessing an online form. To get around this you can call Sandi and she will complete the form for you over the phone. As the Office is not manned at present we have set up a phone line for this purpose which is 07723 059647. These details will go out in the phone broadcast service this week so those who listen via their home phone will hear about it.

Also, if you are in contact with anyone connected with the Church, whom you know are not online, could you offer to complete the form for them over the phone? It is absolutely fine to complete the survey more than once if doing so on behalf of someone else as well as yourself. We are keen to hear from as many of our congregation as possible.

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