Sunday 22nd March 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020

*** This video will be available to view from 11am on Sunday 22nd March, 2020. Log in then and we can watch it together. ***


Today is a very different day at MPN Church. In common with most churches across the country, we have cancelled our service this morning due to the Coronavirus outbreak. For the next few weeks, we will be recording our service (or live streaming if we are able to get people together) and it will be much shorter than normal. We have never done this before and we need your patience as we work it out.

In these trying circumstances, we pray that you will be blessed by sharing in this time with us.


Sandi Munro:

22 Mar 2020 11:59:30

That was really engaging. It felt like being at Church just remotely. If you want more connection with people I would recommend join our Church Microsoft Team which allows live chatting privately or church wide. Goes some way to replicating the time we would usually have before and after the service catching up with how everyone is.

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